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What is the Mary Ranta Project?

Greetings Friends,


For those who have not met her, Mary Ranta is 71 years old and has lived on the same property for 45+ years. For the last few years of her husband’s life, he was restricted to living in a chair. Mary cared for her husband up to the time of his passing. Three years after his passing, Mary’s house burned down. Mary has been living in her garage ever since. Prior to becoming homeless herself, Mary was and still is well known for helping the homeless community. 


Kingdom Builders Ministries genuinely believes that we were in the will of the Lord when we said yes to this project and believe that the Lord will continue to provide. Since the conception of this project we have seen completion of the foundation, the septic, water, & the basic structure of her house built. 


We recently learned that Mary Ranta has been diagnosed with cancer and she is undergoing treatments. Now more than ever there is an unprecedented urgency to make our yes be yes and complete this project for this widow. We appreciate your grace in that we wish things would have gone differently, but implore you to help us in our imperfections to see this through and get this woman into her home so that she is comfortable as she battles this disease (unless of course the Lord heals her).


We currently have $6,803.71 in the Mary Ranta Fund. We have estimated that we need about $16,500 more to complete this project. A more comprehensive needs list is below. This is where YOU come in. It’s going to take a community of volunteers to see this through. It will take your volunteer labor or time and your financial donations to make this project possible. 


Would you please consider partnering with us financially, as a volunteer or in prayer for this project? 


A donation button can be found here:     

DONATIONS can also be sent to: 

Kingdom Builders Ministries 

103 Avenue C 

Cloquet MN, 55720 


**PLEASE add a note to your donations: “Mary Ranta Project.” **

We would ask you to prayerfully consider how you can help with this project. If you have any questions, contact Bruce Matuszak at                      




Project Status as of 5/23/2024 

Current Project completion: 77%

Current Balance in Fund: $6,803.71

Need: $16,500



Material and Labor Needs are as follows:  


  • HVAC work needs to be completed,  need furnace, duct work & supplies

    • Need someone who knows HVAC​  (Found... Installation complete)

  • Plumbing materials and plumber to help with plumbing (rough-in has been completed)

  • Complete the electrical work (Estimated $2500-$3000 to finish)

  • Need Sheetrock

                        Estimated $1050 to purchase 56 sheets for the walls 4x8 ½ inch, 22 sheets for the ceiling 4x8 ⅝ inches

  • Ceiling needs 6 mil plastic (700 sq ft)

  • Siding (1200 sq ft)/Soffit (44ft)/Facia (40ft) (Purchased... Installation complete)

  • Hot water heater

  • Bathroom : Need very small sink (complete), shower, toilet, & very small vanity

  • Kitchen Needs

    • Electric full sized stove

    • Kitchen Sink

    • Cupboard or Pantry built or donated for canned goods; Nothing higher than 5 feet 

  • Flooring for living room & bedrooms

    • Ideally, click-together vinyl/laminate, but open to options... est. 700 sq. ft.

  • Bedroom

    • Full sized mattress (complete)

    • Small dresser

    • Night stand

We thank you for your ongoing support and patience regarding this project. 

Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you.

James 1:27


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